mood000, 58
United States, Texas
I am pleasant and easy-going when interacting personally, and I have a serious approach towards life. I love my life style and my friends. My work takes a lot of my time and that is why I value time both mine and others. I can also say that I am...
Donald1956, 61
United States, Texas
I hope to meet my heart desire a good and kind woman, loyal, caring, thoughtful, creative, compassionate, imaginative, serious, sensual and passionate......i don't like women who lie, cheat, dishonest, Disrespectful, and who play tricks. Je...
coolwalt..., 58
United States, Michigan
Well this must say something about me I think. Good looking (people say) . I am active,in good health,fully domestically trained, Happy, positive, slightly quirky. Confident, generous, loving. Organized.I am a typical Leo in search of a willing...
flemcole, 55
United States, New York
I am interested in meeting one quality woman who is intelligent, witty, funny, down to earth, likes fine things yet also appreciates life's simple pleasures, caring, classy, has good values and morals, is family oriented, financially secure,...
Evans55, 55
United States, California
My job career keeps me extremely busy, so I need a more efficient way to meet my soul mate for a good matrimonial relationship; I believe I was born to be of service to others.I feel most at peace and most alive when making a difference in...
parkerj631, 57
United States, Indiana
At times like this I wish I had stuck with that creative writing class so I could find a unique way to say that I I am looking for my best friend, my life partner, and a passionate lover all rolled into one. I can be playful, affectionate,...
youngmont, 37
United States, North Carolina
Why do we go through I hope it was sleeping that we will find a special person 2 feeling empty spot and our life but when we think that we have found that special person it turns out to be who we are not looking for even though life is full of ups...
mattie1206, 31
United States, Illinois
Ask and I will tell
evans10b, 52
United States, New York
I do not have credit on my profile yet.... please reach me directly here c/h/r/i/s/j/e/f/f/7/8/1/5/@/y/a/h/o/o/./c/o/m
davidhens, 51
United States, Texas
I am honest, open, romantic, tender heart, loving passionate sincere and understanding man,,,want a good sex life long term relationship no games and marriage, I am down to earth and respectful with a great sense of humor, I value honesty in...
Abrahami, 34
United States, Indiana
Towering genius disdains a beaten path. It seeks regions hitherto unexplored.
Nathanf5, 40
United States, Maine
United we stand, divided we fall
Henry52, 63
United States, Texas
My name is Henry and am new on the site, Am single with daughter her name is Brittany and I love her so much, Im from Texas..