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  • lismaz4k, 32
    United States, California
     Женщину  45  80 Знакомства
    My character and soul are close to the ocean: wide and deep, quite and warm, sometimes is very active. I am charming lady with good sense of humor and active life style. I am very sociable and friendly that is why I have a lot of friends. My attitude to the life is philosophical and if something has...
  • LinLau, 41
    United States, Arizona
     Мужчину  38  50 Интимных отношений
    I am looking for a man who will make me relive the good side of love, I'm in my sweet and caring side, then a two is better. Namely I French origin.
  • oldskoolg..., 37
    United States, Texas
     Женщину  23  40 Знакомства
    Seeking soulmate for lifetime of love and companionship
  • MadlenNNN, 30
    United States, Washington
     Мужчину  20  45 Дружбы
    Just searching for a good friend for friendship and not only ;)))))
  • chrissylor, 26
    United States, California
     Мужчину  25  37 Интимных отношений
    I am single and I like changing my partners very often. I like being acting and feeling taste of life.
  • Mcystrunk, 41
    United States, Georgia
     Женщину  19  45 Интимных отношений
    Xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx
  • Kozminotti, 45
    United States, Pennsylvania
     Женщину  25  45 Дружбы
    Honesty is the key to success,and loyality build strong bonds
  • 462013, 40
    United States, California
     Женщину  21  45 Интимных отношений
    Single,looking for long term relationship
  • simplelove, 48
    United States, New York
     Мужчину  40  65 Знакомства
    searching for a true love , with man who are sincerly, like humouros, simple ...
  • HOWARDPHI..., 52
    United States, Illinois
     Женщину  35  55 Дружбы
    I think that this part of the profile is the most pleasant to everyone because we have a chance to write about our good qualities. I am from Lake Villa. I am an honest, cheerful, creative, independent and understanding Lake Villa Man who enjoys the simple pleasures in life. I have a good sense of humour...
  • everjosue, 35
    United States, Oklahoma
     Женщину  33  45 Знакомства
    Un buen chico
  • derek5656, 32
    United States, Oklahoma
     Женщину  21  28 Интимных отношений
    just ask
  • elyn49, 53
    United States, California
     Мужчину  50  65 Знакомства
    I am a very cool and calm headed Woman, a Woman that his partner will always appreciate till the end of his life, am a straight forwarding type of Woman, a Woman of Trustworthy, Sincerity that loves and cares for her partner for at all time, that's the type of a Woman that i am .
  • james5050, 55
    United States, Georgia
     Женщину  40  60 Знакомства
    It's funny how we set qualifications for the person to love, when at the back of our minds we know that the one we'll truly love will always be an exception."I am easygoing person am a widow, I have been single for 5 years now.Trying to find Happiness again because Fulfillment does not lie in our...
  • moren6, 47
    United States, Michigan
     Мужчину  35  40 Интимных отношений
    no need to think, let's goooo!!!
  • Jannice, 28
    United States, Alabama
     Мужчину  25  40 Знакомства
    I would like to meet a man with whom I can share my life.