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  • MadlenNNN, 31
    United States, Washington
     Мужчину  20  45 Дружбы
    Just searching for a good friend for friendship and not only ;)))))
  • chrissylor, 26
    United States, California
     Мужчину  25  37 Интимных отношений
    I am single and I like changing my partners very often. I like being acting and feeling taste of life.
  • gazoo, 50
    United States, Pennsylvania
     Женщину  25  45 Интимных отношений
    Looking to have some fun
  • elfuerte31, 36
    United States, New York
     Женщину  25  50 Интимных отношений
    Estoy en busca de una chica bien cliente
  • Makenzie, 54
    United States, New Jersey
     Мужчину  45  75 Знакомства
    think that my closest friends would describe me as creative, reserved and giving. But the opposite is true once you get to know me, I m talkative, love to laugh and greedy(just kidding). So, I am looking for fun, kindness, understanding and inspirational conversation.
  • Vannya69, 47
    United States, California
     Мужчину  39  65 Интимных отношений
    I am searching a man who wants to share things and pleasure with me.
  • bailley, 57
    United States, Texas
     Мужчину  30  50 Дружбы
    need a friend to grow old with
  • Alhie, 45
    United States, Kentucky
     Мужчину  40  70 Дружбы
    need friend to go out, to have party, to play with and to listen.
  • Keirra, 34
    United States, Utah
     Мужчину  25  35 Знакомства
    hello, I'll be very happy to get to know someone or just a meeting. Trying to find the life partner is so important in my eyes but also having a new friend is nice.
  • JayBlazeNY, 26
    United States, New York
    Интимных отношений
    Hello, I am Jayson, but u can call me Jay. I'm bisexual, but prefer men in my life now. When a man meets me, the first thing he should do is Say "Hello". If life is a highway, you'll find me in the fast lane. I am athletic, outgoing, conversational, and goofy. I like to watch sports and kick back...
  • KairaUSA, 24
    United States, California
     Мужчину  18  45 Интимных отношений
    just the sexe
  • CaryUs, 46
    United States, Missouri
     Мужчину  25  57 Интимных отношений
    I would like to meet someone to fall in love with be happy have fun and grow old with , am not looking for just sex. So if you can do it,I am the one for you.hmm.. a man, who knows what he's doing.. has a sense of humor, can take a joke, can dish a joke, keep interested and coming back for more.. here's an...
  • Greeny, 50
    United States, Maryland
     Мужчину  30  60 Знакомства
    all I need is love. :)
  • paillett, 37
    United States, California
     Мужчину  19  60 Интимных отношений
    Let me know more about you. And i'll show you how sweet I can be.
  • Judde, 33
    United States, North Carolina
     Мужчину  25  50 Интимных отношений
    hey gyus!!!don t make it bad!
  • Pinkheart, 39
    United States, Georgia
     Мужчину  25  50 Знакомства
    We ll just let the nature do all think