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  • Rudestasa..., 59
    United States, North Dakota
     Женщину  49  65 Знакомства
    I have been told that I am an extremely passionate person that has a magnetic personality. I am more of a leader than a follower and typically march to the beat of a different drummer.I enjoy drinking wine, touching fingertips, Sitting on a park bench and just staring at the water. I appreciate a full moon...
  • MissGeorgia, 38
    United States, Colorado
     Мужчину  34  45 Интимных отношений
    I feel like a Woman....
  • Temptation80, 42
    United States, Colorado
     Мужчину  40  50 Интимных отношений
    For a good times...
  • Eveningstar, 59
    United States, Connecticut
     Мужчину  54  64 Знакомства
    I am interested in meeting a man of strong character and integrity. A confident man (a little demanding at times is just fine) who loves to laugh and is honest and humble. Lots of fun with a great sense of humor, loyal, thoughtful, protective, smart, sensual and a passionate devoted lover....
  • nancyrabbit, 51
    United States, New Jersey
     Мужчину  45  60 Знакомства
    lately, I feel need to change some air, then I'm here because I'd like to make new friends.
  • newlife009, 54
    United States, Texas
     Женщину  42  58 Знакомства
    I still believe love is the key to happiness
  • Ruddycare..., 54
    United States, Florida
     Женщину  41  62 Знакомства
    Hi, my name is Rudolph. I am a SWM 52, 5'9" . . I am a complaisant and nice man and I appreciate the real friendship and I long for mutual understanding with the people I communicate to.. I am honest , Caring and down to earth .. I give everything in a relationship ..My aim is to find a partner, and...
  • MadlenNNN, 31
    United States, Washington
     Мужчину  20  45 Дружбы
    Just searching for a good friend for friendship and not only ;)))))
  • chrissylor, 26
    United States, California
     Мужчину  25  37 Интимных отношений
    I am single and I like changing my partners very often. I like being acting and feeling taste of life.
  • jrbiglove, 40
    United States, New York
     Женщину  20  36 Интимных отношений
    I am single and fun to be with
  • Gemini707, 44
    United States, California
     Мужчину  35  45 Знакомства
  • narniemax, 49
    United States, Indiana
     Женщину  39  65 Знакомства
    Wanted - that person to add that wonderful missing dimension to my life - a loving supportive relationship/partnership full of love, friendship, adventures and laughter..
  • Nolia, 62
    United States, Louisiana
     Мужчину  25  45 Знакомства
    Looking to find that someone special, hopefully leading to serious relationship.
  • Erinne, 30
    United States, South Carolina
     Мужчину  25  45 Знакомства
    i have recently come out of a long term relationship and i am looking forward to meeting someone with similar interests, if you like what you see dont hesitate to say hi.
  • Jannice, 29
    United States, Alabama
     Мужчину  25  40 Знакомства
    I would like to meet a man with whom I can share my life.
  • janell, 53
    United States, Washington
     Мужчину  40  70 Знакомства
    hello guys, I am an open person, I love taking care of people suround me.